News Updates

Healthcare Workers

Updated PPE usage

Please follow the link below for the latest information provided by the government on the use of PPE in home care, as it is regularly changing as the world understands more about COVID19.

Caring Child

COVID19 Update

The British Government has announced that the 21st June 2021 unlocking date has now been moved back by 4 weeks, to 19th July 2021. The Government has also announced that care support workers will need to be vaccinated if working in care homes, and further analysis is being carried out for other care settings.


Pride Month

June is pride month. A time for people to come together in friendship, to show how far gay rights have come. It's a positive month, looking at the happiness in the world and trying to bring joy to many. In Norwich there is a pride each year to celebrate and be thankful, but due to COVID19 it was not able to happen in 2020, but in 2021 it is happening, please see the link below.

Birthday Cake


We are excited that this year sees us celebrate our 10th birthday in business. We also have a dear client that is turning 100 this month, and we are so pleased to be celebrating the day with him and hopefully sharing some pictures on facebook of the special day.